Foam Pre-packs

Foam Pre-packs and the ideal way to purchase foam in standard sizes for a variety of projects. Products include precut foam for chairs, upholstery, underlays and more…

Guide to choosing the right foam

High Density foam has less air and more foam product inside the foam (I often refer to it as Sponge Cake & Mud Cake theory) A sponge cake is filled with air & a mud cake is heavy and dense and less air. Foam Grade has 2 numbers in the equation for eg. 35/200 The first number is it’s density and the last number is it’s hardness/Softness
Light Density starts at 16
Medium Density starts at 23
High Density starts at 29
The Hardness/Softness of foam and it’s uses is determined by the Hardness of the product . A lower number for example 110 or 130 is suitable for a lager spread of the surface load such as lying down or sleeping as it is a soft foam, but for sitting it would sink too much and create too much stress on the foam as it is designed for sleeping not sitting, but can be used for sitting if this is the desired feel as long as the density is extremely high eg. 35.
A higher number for example 200 Hardness is a harder foam so it means it will be able to handle a smaller surface load such as sitting and it won’t sink too much and will support the load on the foam better than a softer foam. A harder foam for example 600 is a extremely hard foam which is able to take a smaller spread of load or force on the foam such as the size of your foot this foam is often used for gymnastic mats and landing pads etc. for sitting it is to hard.
When we are describing Convolute foam it is commonly referred to as an egg carton shape , the way the measurements works for example it is measured from the bottom of the foam to the top of the peak at the highest point in this case it would be 50mm and measure from the bottom of the foam to the lowest point in the valley in this case it would be 25mm, so it becomes a 50/25mm Convolute foam. The convolute process to the foam makes it more compressible /Softer it is often used for mattress toppers and or instrument cases , tool boxes, camera cases. Gun cases etc.
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